Slamming is basically related to the gay community that includes specific drugs injecting in the body and also involves bisexual men. Slamming is not illegal but the drugs used in slamming are dangerous and of course illegal.

According to a study, there are many chances of spreading infections and HIV risks while slamming and many health clinics providing safety tips and methods to decrease health issues.

Why People Do Slamming

The drugs that have been injected in the body like crystal meth enhances the libido level in the body and increase the intercourse timing. Slamming is very common in slamming party especially in rave parties, chem. parties and in big cities.

The user commonly injects it into his body rather than gulping it or swallowing it. Slamming gives a wilder and higher sex experience than any other substance that’s why people are more attracted to it.

Slamming is a stigma of the gay community and society never accepts this just like that. The Slamming trend has been increasing day by day so the HIV risks are also increasing.

Users who are prone to slamming trend to share the same needles and these drugs are not healthy for the body so there are many risks connected with slamming but users never care about those risks because they are stubborn to get the pleasure.

Why Slamming Is Famous

According to several studies not only gay community and bisexual men uses injections but other communities also use them. In the last previous years, slamming trend has developed more than before.

Most of the time slamming procedure has been performed in groups and it makes group sex popular because when you feel a great urge for sex it doesn’t matter with whom you are sleeping.

People are aware of slamming risks as HIV infections and various dangerous infections that can cause jeopardy for your life but still they become addicted to this.

During some studies, experts found that slamming users explained that they are not addicted to such drugs they are taking them just for fun.

The other risk is unprotected sex which is also dangerous and can spread diseases. At last, we must say that sex slamming is never good and momentary fun can be a regret of a lifetime.

Try to avoid drugs and slamming sessions and contact an expert group that can help you out. Spread awareness and related risks of slamming as well.