The American Society of Reproductive Medicine has announced that 40% of males found less sperm count due to stress and mental discomfort.

We have heard that excess stress is not good for our health and it can lead to several diseases. You believe or not but that’s a fact that excess stress or depression can reduce sperm count in a male body and can affect the sexual life directly. Vanish you are all stress with our gorgeous Goa escorts lady service.

Lifestyle Play Important Role

There are many studies done on the male sperm count for finding the reason for infertility and stress was also one of the prior reasons. The studies showed that men who faced stressful incidents in their life have less sperm count than those males who never faced any serious stressful incident.

Imbalanced sperm production and ejaculation troubles are the major causes of infertility in men. The poor lifestyle, poor eating habits, lack of sleep, alcohol, drugs, or any disease are the other factors of infertility and less-sperm count.

The University of California asked for sperm samples from those men who have a very poor lifestyle and facing some kind of tensions in their life and the results were shocking. The found the semen is reducing daily with spoiled shape and they are losing their power day by day.

Workplace Stress Is Normal:

We are not talking about the regular workplace stress that every man faces daily. That’s true that regular stress is not good for our health but it didn’t affect directly the fertility but it can affect testosterone hormone or can be a cause of hormonal imbalance in men.

A man has to face many dimensions like family responsibilities, job stress, the social environment, etc. and that’s also a fact that the social atmosphere also affects the sensuality and reproductive system.

The regular stress can increase glucocorticoids that directly trigger protein, fat, and carbohydrate levels in the body as well as the semen quality and power.

If one is facing stress regularly then make sure you should try some things that you love to do. Try to avoid seriousness because nothing is bigger than you not even your troubles.

You can share the things with your Goa escorts service partner and things can be solved. You must have a healthy conversation with your well-wishers.

If you think the problem is increasing and you are losing control then take expert advice and medication will also help. Do some exercise and eat healthy food.