Pain during sex is a common issue and 8 women feel pain out of 10 during sex. Sometimes it can be a general problem and you feel temporary pain during sex but sometimes the pain affects a lot and stays for a long time.

Lack of sexual desire, any disease, lack of proper lubrication, ovarian cyst, state of mind, any surgical condition, are the basic cause of painful sex.

Commonly, one can feel the pain around the vagina, lower back, uterus, pelvic part, or bladder. Here we are mentioning some basic ideas to avoid pain during sex so let’s have a look at that:-

Use Fine Quality Lubricants

Tell your partner to use branded and silicone water-based lubricants that will make a slippery path for intercourse. Never apply any oil, lotion, Vaseline on your condom because it can appear inflammation and irritation to your vaginal part.

Talk Openly With Your Partner

Sharing your sexual experience will help to solve the problem. Tell your partner about your panic part and when you feel excess pain. Try to avoid such tasks that make you feel discomfort.

Openly share when you feel pleasure and happiness regarding sexual activities. You can also ask for some time to set up your mind.

Try Other Erotic Activities

There are many things except sex that you can perform to get pleasure like massaging each other, bathing together, etc. if a particular sex pose is giving you pain just avoid it and try something new.

There are many types of handjob and oral stimulations that you can do while intercourse and can satisfy your partner.

Do Exercise

There are several exercises that can help to make your pelvic area strong and healthy. Just check out on the internet and you will find pelvic exercises. Do some workout for some minutes in a day and you will feel the change.

Be Hygienic

If you often feel irritation inflammation and discharge from your vagina then you must be more careful with your vaginal health. There are many intimate washes available in the market that maintains the Ph level of your vaginal area.

Try to wear cotton clothes ad always keep your private part clean and dry. If you still feeling the pain that remains for the whole day then you must see a gynecologist.  Proper medication can solve your problem and improve your sexual life.